Committed to Supporting the Republican Party in Collin County, Texas and the USA


January 2015 Board Warm-Up

Strategic Planning Meeting
January 17, 2015 at 9:30 am
at President Andrea Thompson’s home
Members Only

President’s Message, November, 2014

2014 is rapidly drawing to a close, and it has been a VERY good year to be a Republican! Our entire slate was elected in Texas, and nationally, Republicans increased their majority in the House and now have the majority in the Senate. We even made inroads in Dallas, with Republican Susan Hawk defeating incumbent District Attorney Craig Watkins. However, it is not the time to sit on our laurels—we need to continue working to keep conservatives in government.

Conner Harrington has had a busy year, with our initial distribution of PAC funds to John Payton, Jodie Laubenberg, and Susan Fletcher. Both John and Jodie had Democrat opponents, and both won their races with wide margins. Yeah! Thanks to Susan Plonka and her committee for all the hard work initiating the PAC distribution rules.

The club has been productive, with 8 different Caring for America projects successfully completed. In addition,

  • Our club delivered our MELP books before anyone else this year, and
  • Our ladies served a lot of cookies and lemonade at the lovely Memorial Day celebration in Plano. Thanks to Anna Hale (Caring for America), Joan Garrett (MELP), and Corrine Miklosh (Patriotic Events) for all the hard work.
  • Club members were informed about important issues such as transportation, current legislation, and domestic violence through our programs thanks to Lissa Smith,
  • Our Program VP. Judy Fillmore has done an excellent job tracking our awards, and Sandra Halsey made sure we received credit for volunteer hours.

Jenny McCall has kept us on track financially, and Joan Garrett and Dona Watson have recorded our meetings. Jane Yancey and her committee successfully updated the CHRW by-laws. Linda Carrington made sure that we continued to support women’s education with our scholarships. Jeannie Baxter was a wonderful hostess, overcoming the challenges provided by the meeting venue, and Susie Bartlemay made sure we knew what was happening via our CHRW newsletter.

As we end the year, we look forward to a successful 2015. There are challenges and opportunities awaiting us, but we have a great slate of officers to lead us:

  • Andrea Stroh Thompson, President
  • Corrine Miklosh, VP Programs
  • Jane Yancey, VP Membership
  • Judy Fillmore, VP Campaign Activities
  • LaVeta Sealy, VP Legislation
  • Dana Lim, Secretary
  • Jenny McCall, Treasurer

It has been a busy year, and I am honored to have served as your President. Thank you all for your support.
Best wishes for the holiday season. May you all have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2015!

Diane Johnson
President, CHRW