May General Meeting

We’re excited about our upcoming May General Meeting! Glynis Chester, Texas Federation of Republican Women’s 1st Vice President joins us!

A transplant from Las Vegas, Nevada, Glynis Chester and her husband Michael moved to Texas in 1992 to raise their four children. A lifelong Republican who has always immersed herself in community volunteerism, she chose to focus her efforts in the political arena once her children reached high school age. She has worked on campaigns at every level from School Board to U.S. President and served as a Delegate to several RPT and TFRW conventions. To further impact the “Get Out The Vote” effort in Frisco, Glynis became a Precinct Chairman in 2011. Her work on the TFRW Board of Directors began in 2013 as the District Director of Senate District 8. In 2015 she was elected to the TFRW Executive Committee as Secretary.

In 2013 Glynis was asked to serve on a small team for the George W. Bush Presidential Library Opening and VIP Dedication Events and was honored to meet dignitaries from all over the world.

Glynis is a charter member of the Republican Women of Greater North Texas where she has served as VP Programs, Website Chairman, Scholarship Chairman and President. She currently serves as TFRW’s First Vice President and the Region 4 Liaison on NFRW’s Caring for America committee.

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