CHRW Sponsors

Become a Sponsor to show your support for CHRW and the support they give to you through fundraising events and a Sponsorship Program to donate money to Republican candidates, voter registration events and participate in campaign work to get out the vote such as Dear Friend Cards, block walking, and phone calls.

Sponsors 2023


Pam Little

Cam McCall


None at this time.


Susan Fletcher

Chris Hill

Judge Randy Johnson

Maria Mott

Duncan Webb


Scott Grigg

Kim Ludwig

Dr. Sherine Reno

Thank you to all our sponsors for your support!


Sponsors 2021


2019 Fundraiser Sponsors

Ph.D. Sponsors

Van Taylor

Masters Sponsors

Pam Little

David McCall

Daryl Reynolds

Bachelor Sponsors

Jane YanceyJenny McCall
LaVeta SealyHarry LaRosiliere
Ron Kelley

Associate Sponsors

Peggy ChappellCyndi WhelessCheryl Williams
Corrine MikloshJerry MaddenSusan Plonka


Jeff LeachBarbara NashScott Sanford
Gary EdwardsRon RushtonJoe White
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