CHRW October Club Meeting

Tuesday October 12, 2021
6:30 PM Social/Register
7:00 PM Meeting 
GOP Headquarters

We have a great speaker Colin Kimball planned at this meeting. He is the renowned founder of the North Texas Fallen Warrior Portrait Project that to date has placed more than 80 portraits of local fallen warriors and law enforcement officers on permanent display in the Russell A Steindam Courts Building in Collin County. He will be speaking on Collin County history and the only Governor of Texas from Collin County. 

We have two great projects that we need your help to make successful:
1. For our “Hugs for Soldiers” project, please bring Holiday Greeting Cards to the Club Meeting. You can also help by writing notes in cards on October 21st, 10am at Diane Johnson’s home. 
2. For our Caring for America project, please bring donations from the food needs list below for CITY House to the Club Meeting. Their current needs are:Fruit cups, bottled water, sports drinks, Mac and Cheese Cups, Ramen Noodle cups, Individual bags of chips, granola bars, peanuts, Vienna sausages, canned tuna. 

I look forward to seeing you Oct. 12th.
Thanks for your support,
Janet Stovall
President CHRW

Club Meeting

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